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If you are looking for a great way to promote your company, it is time to start thinking about non-woven tote bags. These types of products offer many different benefits and can be used in many different ways. In this blog post, we will discuss what they are, how they work with businesses, and why you should consider them for your next marketing campaign!

1. What are non-woven tote bags?

The concept of the tote bag is nothing new, but in recent years we have seen a surge in popularity and demand for non-woven totes. What are these amazing bags? Well, they’re not what you may think! Non-woven tote bags are made from fabric that’s been created through a process called “non-woven.”

This fabric can be used for all sorts of things – including shopping bags and other types of reusable grocery totes. And when it comes to marketing your business with custom non woven totes, there are so many different options available. You can use them as giveaways at trade shows or conferences; you could also sell them with your logo on the front and include promotional messages on the inside flap.

Normally, non woven tote bags is made by polypropylene, which is a kind of PP multi-layered fabric.

polypropylene non woven bag

2. Does non-woven bags eco-friendly?

Non-woven bags are very eco-friendly. They use less energy than traditional woven polyethylene, which will be degraded after 90 days outdoor. And they can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, what’s more, because custom printed bags are durable and nice-looking , consumers are more willing to reuse it, so that reduce the use of plastic bags.

It has a strong ability to breathability, waterproof, anti-splashing and anti-shrinkage etc. pp non woven bag are mainly used for sale in supermarkets, department stores, convenience store chains etc. pp non woven bags are one of the popular tote bags nowadays.

garment bag

3. What are the benefits of non-woven tote bags?

Custom printed tote bags are a relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly way for businesses in many different industries to promote their brand or business. They can be used with or without handles, which allows them to fit into your marketing plan no matter how you choose to use them. Many benefits like below:

Eco friendly

Bags non woven are very eco-friendly. They use less energy than traditional woven polyethylene, which will be degraded after 90 days outdoor. And they can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, what’s more, because custom printed bags are durable and nice -looking , consumers are more willing to reuse it, so that reduce the use of plastic bags .

Cheap in price

Most Polypropylene tote for promoting, price is from USD0.2 ~ USD 1, price is very cheap, has enough space for customization.


One major benefit of non-woven totes is obvious: buying reusable products reduces the amount of disposable plastic bags you use. I mean, who wants to keep buying a new bag every time they go grocery shopping? That’s just silly!

Custom Print

Most custom non woven bag with customer creating artwork, even some wholesalers buy blank stock to make faster checkout for their account, they still print in house. Just wondering what you want to print, then there will be a suitable print way in catalogue.

non woven shopping bag

4. The use of non woven polypropylene bags.

As we all know, shopping bags are very useful and helpful for us to transport our stuffs. So custom printed non woven bag can be used as the best promotion tool for any shops or supermarkets where people go often times at their daily life . At this point , customized printed bags can tell everyone about your brand name clearly even though they may not entirely focus on it.

Basically, non-woven bags have the following uses:

Reusable Shopping Bags

Custom Bags for promotion

Logo Printed Event Bags

Custom non woven bags for exhibitions

Garment bag & Suit Covers

Reusable Grocery Bags

Shoe Box Carry Bags

Giveaway Gifts Reusable Bags

Eco-friendly Reusable Bags

Custom Non Woven Bag make great giveaways because you don’t need to worry too much about them being tossed out after one use; reusable products like these hold more value in consumers’ eyes than disposable alternatives do! That means that when customers see your logo on a promotional item like a non-woven tote, they’ll remember you stand for rather than throwing it away, they’ll be more likely to hold onto it and use it again the next time they need a bag.

canvas bag

5. Tips when order custom non woven bags.

When you are looking for custom printed bags, it is quite easy to order them. You can provide us with your own design or choose our ready-made print designs. Just tell us what kind of printing effect do you want and any other information which should be included in the bag like material, size & color etc. After that we will quote back according to all details provided by clients . Then place an official purchase order after everything is confirmed. Of course, to make your money worth for business gift bags.

The customization of non woven polypropylene bags mainly has the following procedures

  1. Inquiry & Quote
  2. Sampling
  3. Sample Approval
  4. Mass production
  5. Shipping
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6. How to print custom logo onto non woven bag?

When you choose to order non woven polypropylene bags, do not forget that there are many ways to print on them, as diverse collection, There is below print options:

  1. Silkscreen print
  2. Transfer Print
  3. Gravure Print – CMYK Lamination
  4. Hot Stamping
  5. Sublimation Print

The most suitable printing method will be applied according to your LOGO / artwork, to reach the best print effect. For other details, you are welcome to reach us for more, include styles of bag, you don’t need to search, you will get all related information from bulk, which been tested on our other customer.


7. The Alternatives of non woven polypropylene bags.

There are many alternatives of non woven polypropylene bags. Although custom printed tote bags have the advantages as mentioned above, sometimes people still prefer other types due to personal taste or different purposes. For example, some companies may feel that plastic totes look cheap and buy paper shopping bags instead.

Below options are the most popular althernatives of non woven polypropylene bags:

Paper Bags

Woven Polypropylene Bags, Woven Tote groceries Bags

Recyclet PET Bags

Cotton Bags

Jute Bags

Nylon Bags

Washable Kraft Paper Bags

Tyvek Bags

tyvek bags

8. Shipping of custom non woven bag

For most styles of branding bag, manufactured in China, for the convenient to handle when it arrived customer warehouse and stores, goods are packed in carton box, not bonded to avoid wrinkle of bag.

Considering the transport cost, most bags non woven, customer no matter brand owners or wholesale company, chose sea shipment, and by air for urgent ones.

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